My passion has always been weaving together the seen and unseen, the mundane and the mystical, the mud and the miracles.  We exist within a wise, loving energy; there are clues everywhere to help us become the greatest version of who we were born to be, but we don’t always notice them.

Perhaps like you, I’ve always felt like an outsider.  I used to think that was a disadvantage, now I think it’s my strength; it has allowed me to make decisions I would not have the courage to make if I were playing by the same Game of Life rules everyone around me seems to instinctively ‘get’.  

However, it was in 2001 when, with no previous experience of channelling or clairvoyance, I spontaneously began channelling a Galactic being called Ashian.  

Overwhelmed by the experience, I even stopped meditating.  It took me several years of research and study to come to understand what happened to me during those two weeks.    

I buried that part of me until 2018, when I began to actively develop this ability and share the channels publicly through my blog.  This website is an extension of that blog, a space within which I can welcome you and share more my thoughts and skills, I’m honoured you have visited and I wish you every blessing.


Picture by Ketut Subiyanto (pexels.com)

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