Ashian: Be Yourself (YouTube)

Hello! I know I’ve been rather erratic in my postings recently, the result a combination of life changes and energy fluctuations.

As I look at coming back, I’m thinking of posting more videos with channels, maybe even a Telegram group, the idea being to fuse life and spiritual insights, thoughts and channels, and make them more accessible. So let me know your thoughts!

In the meantime, here’s my latest offering, some thoughts about the perfection of who we are, as we are now – flaws and all – and Ashian’s invitation to be gloriously ourselves, as we are right now. He asks us to take down the shield of perfection, an illusion if ever there was one: I know it’s an illusion, I hide behind fear of my own flaws, faults and failings, and yet I never manage to hone myself into some distorted form of perfection that makes me good enough.

It takes courage for us to stand in the raw presence of who we are. It takes mastery to stand in our self, faults and all. It requires courage and it bestows graces – on us and on everyone we meet.

I’m still learning, but I completely understand the importance of owning all of our self, not just the bits we like or can accept.

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