Ashian: It’s Inside You

Ashian: Greetings and blessings to all who resonate with these words.We wish to bring forth a transmission of love, of freedom, of acknowledgement of your Divine power.

It’s already within you. The 5D cyrstaline consciousness is already within you. It starts with you. You are the seed. You are the germination. You are the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan for Gaia.

You are already there. In the fulfillment of the Mother’s Divine Plan.

What you observe is a direct reflection of your inner journey.

Dear Jennifer, you have spoken of the process of death and grief with your Father’s transition; with him a part of you died too.

Every death you experience on the Earth plane changes you, it offers you the opportunity to expand beyond that part of who you were and make new space for who you are becoming. It is a part of the cycle of renewal of humanity and never has this process been more rich, more ripe, more blessed than in this now.

As each of you strips away all that no longer serves you, in terms of labels, identities, attachments, belongings, relationships, locations… you dissolve the 3D matrix within you.

As the 3D matrix within is dissolved, the 5D matrix emerges from within. Your dual taurus spin intensifies within, carrying out a very subtle, delicate clearing pattern, to assist you as you emerge into your 5D self.

Caterpillars have the luxury of a cocoon in which to transform: you are transforming in real time, in real life.

You transform as you work, sleep, breathe, eat, love, commute, blow up and calm down. It is a constant process now.

As the process deepens within you, you begin to witness the signs of it externally: the 5D becomes visible around you. First it is seen in tiny fragments, and as you increase your ability to hold the higher vibration, to hold your truth, to be in peace with all that flows around you, you will effortlessly maintain that vibration around you.

But here is the caveat! This cannot be done through effort. This is a process of deep surrender to the perfection of all that is, to your life, to your character, to the life and characters around you … to the perfection of the Divine Mother’s tapestry of life.

Acceptance of What Is opens the door to surrender, to trusting the higher plan, the higher plane. When you open into acceptance and surrender, you move into compassion which is an aspect of Divine Love. It is a finer vibration of love that embodies the 5D codes.

So welcome your life! Use the moments of joy to notice and nurture peace within; use the moments of friction to notice and nurture acceptance and compassion within. The raging storm is as perfect as the balmy breeze.

Jennifer: Goodness, you were on a roll there. I didn’t get a word in! I love it, that’s really helpful.

A: We are delighted to be of assistance to you all. You are bright, shining stars, each and EVERY one of you. We applaud you in this unprecedented time. We are with you all, call on us if we may be of comfort and support.

J: Thanks Ashian.

(C) 2023 Jennifer


  1. Sharmila

    Namaste Jennifer your messages always resonate with me personally. Thank you ! 💖💞

  2. Mihaela

    It makes so much sense. I understand your message with my body. My mind it’s almost too limited to grasp the depth of your perspective. Thank you for being here

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