One-to-one session


Everyone of us goes through periods of feeling stuck. Whether we feel overwhelmed or even underwhelmed by life, that’s when we are on the cusp of breakthrough.

I’ve always been drawn to helping people expand from situations and feelings that limit them.

I’ve worked on empowerment projects for at risk teenagers in London’s inner city, as well as a mentor in a holistic management consultancy, working with both SMEs and multi-nationals.

I adore the way the challenges we face are actually the portals for our transformation. So often in life, when we sense a problem, we seize up in the face of it. We become tense, we shut down, we lose a tiny bit of who we are.

If we do this often enough, we start to live a life that is dull, limiting and out of harmony with who we truly are. We cover over the magnificent being we intended to become in this lifetime and we dim the light we planned to shine when we chose to incarnate.

You are extraordinary. We all are. We are programmed by the world to let life dampen our spirit, but – more importantly – we are programmed by our Spirit, to find our way back to our essence.

If you are interested in a one to one session with me, I would be honoured to work with you.

A one to one session lasts an hour. The session often begins with a channelled response to your query and many clients find that the energy brought through the channel immediately helps them feel better and see their situation in a new light. Some clients have many questions they wish to ask, while others find it useful to to discuss how they can act on the insights they have received. After the session, I will send you an audio copy of your session to download.

Sessions are $100 or $144, you may choose the donation option that is right for you. 

I also offer an enhanced one to one session which includes an energy work component, which is tailored to your needs: it can cover light code downloads and activations, light language activations and clearings, cord cutting or protection work.  As far as possible, I try to provide you with the tools and activations necessary to do this work on yourself, as we are all soverign, divine beings who have the innnate knowing of how to do this work, we just need a little help remembering that sometimes!  An audio of the session will be sent to you follow the session.  The session is approximately one hour long and the payment options are USD 180 or USD 240.

To schedule your session or to ask any questions about the sessions, please send me a message through the contact form.